Sendrakhisonline follows a well-defined Refund, Return and Cancellation Policy to achieve optimum customer satisfaction. However, it might happen that the customer may still find the product unsatisfactory for reasons beyond our control, in such case we follow a return or a cancellation policy described below:

Refund policy
We will refund the amount in the same form we received the payment and it is normally done within 10 working days from the date of cancellation of the order. Once refunded, an e-mail confirmation is sent to the customer about refund.

Return Policy
If you have complaints related to the products that bear a warranty from manufacturers, you are requested to bring in the issue to the concerned manufacturer. You can contact us for more help regarding the same. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

While receiving the order, if you notice that the product is in a bad condition or if you notice that the packaging has been tampered before the delivery, please reject the package and return it to the delivery person. Also, contact sendrakhisonline customer care at +91 7055555331, +91 7900679007 or email us at specifying your Order ID. Our customer care executives will ensure that a brand new replacement is sent to you at no additional cost. However, please ensure that the original product tag and packaging remains intact when you return the product to us. 
Also, if you are not satisfied with the product and choose to return it to us, please ship it back. The product normally reaches our warehouse within 10 days of the return; we will check the returned goods and process a refund or exchange thereafter. If the product is delivered outside India, the customer will have to ship back the product to us at his/her own cost as pickup from our end is possible within India only. And since we have borne the shipping charges from India already so any refund will be processed after deducting the shipping charges, and in case of exchange, the customer will have to pay the shipping charges again.
Apart from condition specified above, the following products shall not be returned or replaced:
a) Any product with physical damage caused to the box or to the product;
b) Any product without original packaging and accessories, such as the retail box, and other items included in the box at the time of delivery;
c) Any product without a suitable, clear, unhampered serial number

*Shipping charges will not be refunded.
*Sendrakhisonline may change the Refund, Return and Cancellation policy at any time, without prior notice.